Swarovski TLS APO 23mm Digiscoping Lens for ATX/STX Spotting Scopes

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Swarovski Optik's TLS APO 23mm Digiscoping Lens makes it easy to use a Swarovski spotting scope as a telephoto lens for a Micro Four Thirds camera, achieving sharp images and video of distant details. Its 23mm apochromatic lens eliminates spherical and chromatic aberrations, so images have true color rendition with zero distortion across the entire frame.

When the TLS APO, a T2 adapter, and camera body are mounted to the spotting scope eyepiece, users are treated to a truly stunning digiscoping experience. The TLS APO's lens perfectly aligns the camera sensor with the focal plane of the transmitted image. Regardless of the camera used, you will capture contrast-rich and sharp video and still images using the premium optics of your Swarovski spotting scope. A camera and T2 camera adapter are required to complete the Swarovski digiscoping system, and are not included.


ATX/STX spotting scopes

Cameras with Micro Four Thirds sensors

Optical Performance

The apochromatic optics ensure that image quality from your scope will not be degraded by the TLS APO adapter. Capture the same stunning images with your digital camera that you see through the eyepiece

Effective Focal Length

ATX/STX 65 & 85: 1150-2760mm

ATX/STX 95: 1380-3220mm


Switching between the spotting scope's modular eyepiece and a camera rig is easy due to the slide-down mount system on the adapter sleeve

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