Visible Dust CMOS 8ML Sensor Cleaning Solution

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CMOS Clean™ is a sensor-cleaning solution that removes saliva stains and oil from the sensitive surface of a digital camera sensor. CMOS Clean™ is a proprietary solvent blend for cold wipe application used in sensor cleaning procedures.

Saliva stains are the most common reason of the so-called “unknown stains” especially on the sensor of mirrorless cameras since it is located close to the opening. Saliva can come to the sensor from regular coughing, talking and even breathing. It is highly recommended to wear a mask when your camera sensor is exposed.

Alcohol doesn’t effectively remove saliva and a variety other organic materials from the camera sensor surface which makes alcohol based sensor cleaning liquids useless in many cases.

CMOS Clean™ is a powerful solution that was created as a highly effective remover of organic, saliva as well as oil stains.

Along with many other advantages CMOS Clean™ is nontoxic, nonhazardous, and nonflammable.

- Removes Organic Debris and Oil Stains

- Evaporates Quickly, Leaves no Residue

- Works with DHAP Orange Swabs

- Compatible with MDX-100 Green Swabs

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