Voigtlander 23mm f1.2 Nokton Lens for Fujifilm X

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With a 35mm equivalent focal width (full-frame format) and extremely bright f/1.2 aperture the Nokton 23mm lens is perfect for a diverse range of subjects, excelling at gathering light in the darkest of situations. It also boasts a 12-bladed aperture, which renders beautiful bokeh, perfect for shooting wide open portraits and other subjects with a shallow depth of field.

The slightly wide-angle standard lens has been optimised for Fujifilm sensors and includes electronic contacts with full communication on Fuji bodies. The lens will record Exif information, harnesses Focus check and Shooting distance interlocking display. Certain cameras including the X-T4 and X-S10 support in-body image stabilisation and Parallax correction functions when using the X-Pro3. The optical formula developed by Voigtlander includes lens elements which capture extremely fine details at high resolution throughout all apertures.

Key Features

- Exclusively for Fujifilm X mount cameras

- Fast f/1.2 aperture

- Communication with camera body via electronic contacts

- All-metal lens barrel which is extremely durable

- Reliable finely accurate focus from manual helix

- Aperture ring for mechanical direct connection operation

- 12-blade iris diaphragm opening renders beautiful bokeh

- Close minimum focus distance 0.18m

- Compact 46mm filter thread


This lens is equipped with electronic contacts and information for reliable communications between the lens and body. Using bodies which support communications, the lens achieves 'Exif information', 'Focus check', and 'Shooting distance interlocking display.' Certain models also support 'In-body image stabilisation' and 'Parallax correction' functions.


The Voigtlander Nokton 23mm f/1.2 lens configuration uses the latest optical design which incorporates one double-sided aspherical element and two anomalous partially dispersed glass. It has excellent rendering with fine resolution at all apertures and a large f/1.2 aperture. Despite being a fast lens, it has a small diameter of 46mm, a total length of 43.8mm, and a weight of 214g, making it very portable. The minimum focus distance is 0.18m (shooting magnification 1:4.9).

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