OM SYSTEM LS-P5 Linear PCM Recorder

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The OM SYSTEM LS-P5 Linear PCM Recorder offers professional filmmakers, YouTube enthusiasts, Musicians, Students and Journalists the sound quality and versatility that the LS Series of audio recorders is renowned for – in a compact and robust design making it the ideal companion as stand-alone recorder or a camera microphone.

TRESMIC II Directional Control

Equipped with a Zoom Microphone, offering unique audio control that mixes input from the three microphones and adjusts the directionality in 21 levels while maintaining audio quality. Choose optimal settings depending on the scenario, from recording birdsong and music to lectures and meetings.

96 kHz/24-bit, linear PCM recording quality

Supporting a maximum sampling frequency of 96 kHz and linear PCM recording at a quantization bit rate of up to 24 bits (three times the information of a CD). In addition, lossless compression FLAC recording and playback format for retaining high quality sound while keeping the file size small. MP3 Audio format also available up to 320kps.

Bluetooth Enabled

Wireless sound monitoring and full control via a smartphone with the DVR.Remote app for iOS and Android. Up to a distance of 10m (32ft).

125dB SPL Sound Pressure Microphones

Distortion-free recording from loud music and ambient sounds to bird song and lectures.

Intelligent Auto, Manual and Smart Recording Modes

Intelligent Auto will automatically adjust your sound levels dynamically. Manual Mode allows fine-tuning the recording level to match the volume of the audio source. Our new Smart Mode sets the optimum sound level by listening to the environment before recording.

Bright sound, optimal for voice recording

The new “Bright Sound” mode offers clearer recordings of the spoken word such as in vlogging, lectures, or meetings. Recording with elevated mid to high-range levels makes it possible to capture audio while minimizing the effects of ambient sounds.

Custom Scene Modes for Recording with ease

Not only can you save your custom settings but the LS-P5 also offers 2-Mic Noise Cancellation for recording in noisy environments. This is a "scene mode" known as Noisy Situation. Designed to record spoken audio in very noisy environments. One microphone listens to the background noise while the user speaks into the other.

Pre-recording ensures that you will not miss anything

With the 2 second pre-recording mode, you won't miss opportunities to record birdsong or lectures due to control lag. The recorder can also be operated via the DVR.Remote smartphone app.

Composite USB Audio Mode

Use as a USB microphone and speaker. Perfect for streaming or virtual online meetings.

Small size - Big sound

Despite its, high-performance microphones and two batteries, the recorder features a compact design measuring 39.6 x 112.2 x 16.1 mm and weighing only 78g.

16GB Built in Memory (+ MicroSD Slot)

16GB of built-in memory offers up to 7 hours in 96kHz/24bit Hi-Res, or 21 Hours in CD quality. Micro SD cards can also be used up to 2TB in size (XC Type I).

Up to 37 Hours Battery Life

Including 2 AAA NiMh rechargeable batteries which can be charged via USB. In addition, parallel powering and charging of battery supported with power delivery power supply.

Microphone and Headphone Connection

Whether you are connecting an external microphone or using as a camera microphone, the LS-P5 offers both MIC-IN and Line-In as well as headphone-out.

Slate Tone and Test Tone convenient for video sound source recording

Slate Tone allows you to send reference signal your digital camera for easier editing. Test Tone allows to set camera audio recording levels.

Tripod Mount

The LS-P5 features an industry standard 1/4 inch screw thread mount to attach to a camera (via a hot shoe adapter) or microphone stand.


For quiet recordings, Normalization can be selected to increase the audio volume while maintaining quality and avoiding distortion.

Audio File Divide and Trimming

With onboard editing, long recordings can be split or trimmed on the LS-P5 without the need to post processing. In addition, you can add fade-in and out to audio files.

Find your recordings fast with Calendar Search

With Calendar Search, your saved recordings are automatically marked with the date and displayed in a calendar format making them easier to find.

Additional playback features

The LS-P5 features Noise cancellation for clear playback quality and efficient Voice Playback to automatically skip non-voice parts and only play parts of the file where there is speech to save time and improve playback during transcription.

Easily organise your recordings with custom folders

In addition to creating folders, you can add names such as "Conference" or "Lecture" to recording folders. You can also change folder and file names using the DVR.Remote smartphone app.

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